10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse

Nurses have a different way of doing things compared to most people. And children of nurses have seen and heard it all. If you were raised by a nurse, some of the following might look awfully familiar. Read on for the ten signs that you were raised by someone in the nursing profession. You know … Read more

The Life of a Nursing Student… in GIFs!

Studying nursing is hard. It’s hard to get in, it’s hard to learn everything, and it’s even hard to deal with people who think you’re more than a little crazy for joining the profession in the first place. If you’re a current nursing student, here are some GIFs that will surely resonate with your experience … Read more

No Nurse is an Atheist

Nursing is a profession that requires a lot from those who work in it. A good nurse must be motivated, empathetic, kind, and compassionate. They must also possess a level of spiritual fortitude to remain productive in this line of work. In fact, many nurses rely on a faith system to lead them in their … Read more

Unhealthy vs. Healthy Relationships: Power of Positive Thinking

It’s no secret that we take on the attitudes of people we spend a lot of time with. From siblings and parents to coworkers to significant others, attitudes, opinions, beliefs, and emotions are easily exchanged back and forth. If you’re lucky, you’re surrounded by positive people; if not, you know how frustrating it can be … Read more

Another Horror Story in Nursing: Violence in the ER Continues

Many nurses choose to work in the emergency room because it is constantly moving and there is a lot of work to be done. For those that thrive on rushes of adrenaline in chaotic situations, the ER can be the perfect place to work. However, it is not known for being the safest department in … Read more

8 Common Problems in the Nursing Profession

Working in the world of healthcare is a goal for many people, and with good reason. It is fulfilling, rewarding, and monetarily lucrative. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without problems. Nurses face a lot of challenging issues in their profession, regardless of geographical location or paygrade, and they can be quite difficult to … Read more

3 Tips to Look Great in Your Nursing Uniform

Scrubs: the epitome of high fashion, right? Um, not so much. As a nurse, you probably struggle with how to feel confident about the way you look at work when your uniform is not the most flattering set of clothing to be seen. But have no fear – looking good at work, even in scrubs, … Read more

The Benefits of Naps and Sleep Rooms for Night-Shift Nurses

Nursing is an occupation that comes with a lot of responsibility, and every action should be taken to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Not only do you have to worry about caring for patients, but you also have to make sure that legal requirements are being fulfilled. In the case of night-shift nurses, sleep deprivation … Read more

3 Reasons Why Obesity Is Common in Nursing (and How to Fix It)

Obesity is a growing health problem in the US. As a nurse, you have probably seen to quite a few obese patients or others who are struggling with their weight. However, as a nurse, you probably also work with other nurses who are overweight. Indeed, obesity is becoming more common in the nursing profession. As … Read more

Things Nurses Can’t Live Without

People in every position probably have a list of things they need to survive in their field. Teachers rely on coffee and the infamous red pen; accountants definitely need calculators; food servers need that pad of paper and pen to take orders. Nursing is no different in the fact that they generally have a few … Read more

The Four Basic Personality Types of Nurses

Every profession has certain stereotypes about the people who work in it. But, like with most stereotypes, they aren’t always completely true. While certain professions may attract a certain type of person, the reality is that there are generally a few common personalities that show up at different jobs. Nursing is a field that certainly … Read more

The Dangers of Stilettos: Are They Worth The Risk for Bone Health?

Did you know that high heeled shoes were originally created for men? There are a few different stories as to the origin of the high heel, but the history can be traced back to medieval horse riders. These men were looking for ways to stay in the saddle better even during raucous rides. The elongated … Read more

Cupid in the Workplace! Nurses, Would You Date a Co-Worker?

There are lots of different thoughts on whether it’s a good or bad idea to date a coworker. It can be a tricky situation to navigate, especially in the medical field where there are all sorts of connotations, expectations, and issues that could arise. If you’re thinking about dating a coworker, especially as a nurse, … Read more

3 Attributes That Make Up a Nurse’s Philosophy

A personal nurse’s philosophy is a statement declaring that nurse’s “beliefs, attitudes, actions, hopes, dream, and desires and drives the ethical behaviors of the individual,” according to nursetheory.com. Indeed, a nurse’s philosophical statement should indicate what that person values in their professional life as a carer of others. While every nurse’s statement will differ from … Read more

The Importance of Teamwork in Nursing

Working as a team is a crucial part of being a nurse. You know from day one that you’ll be working with other nurses, doctors, and members of staff at your facility. In fact, you probably got a lot of practice working as a team in nursing school with study groups. And while it can … Read more

Nurses and Substance Abuse

Nursing is a tough job; it is emotionally taxing and physically draining. With all of the demands that nurses face on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that substance abuse is a growing concern in the field. In fact, according to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, there is an estimated 10-15% of all nurses … Read more

4 Life Lessons from Patients

Nursing is one of the most personally fulfilling careers a person could enter. Each day, you get to help people, communicate with them, offer care, and practice compassion and empathy. And while it’s true that there is likely no other career so demanding, the rewards are great and plentiful. Perhaps one of the biggest blessings … Read more

16 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Be a Nurse

Being a nurse is difficult. As a nurse, you work tirelessly for the health of our families, friends, and loved ones. You are relied upon to utilize your skilled and tender care by people from all over the world. While nursing has its beautiful moments, there can be a lot of challenges and difficulties that … Read more

Keep Your Sense of Humor, Even in Your Nurse Uniform

Nursing is a profession that requires a specific set of skills to be successful. Being a good nurse requires a lot of work and patience. With all the demands of the job, it’s easy to forget that having a sense of humor is a characteristic that will make things easier and more enjoyable for everyone … Read more

The Importance of Empathy in Nursing

In nursing, treating patients with kindness and empathy is as much a part of your job as treating their illnesses and patching up wounds. Otherwise known as “bedside manner,” practicing empathy can be challenging at first, especially when you have so many other demands that need to be met throughout the day. However, you’ll soon … Read more

What Does Professionalism in Nursing Really Mean?

Professionalism is a ubiquitous concept; you hear it in relation to how employees treat customers and other employees, and how supervisors and managers ought to treat employees. Yet it can be difficult to define objectively. If we look at the root of the word – “profession” – we see that it is a code of … Read more

Nurses and Children: Top 5 Ultimate Parenting Tips for Nurses

As a nurse, you are highly qualified to take care of people in need, from tending to infected wounds, to giving vaccinations, to instructing them on how to take care of their health. And you even get paid to do it! It seems like a given that parenting would come naturally to any nurse. With … Read more

Major Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Each day, nurses face situations that they may not know how to deal with, despite years in the profession. These situations usually involve some type of ethical decision that must be made. These ethical dilemmas pop up in every hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility on a daily basis. If you’ve ever encountered this type … Read more

Is Nursing Making You Sick, Fat and Old?

Of all the career paths we could have chosen, we picked nursing. Whether it’s because we love taking care of other people or we just love the science behind the human body, for better or worse, we are nurses. If you’ve been working in the field for a long time, you’ve probably heard a few … Read more

8 Reasons Why Nurses are the Best Relationship Partners

Are you single and ready to mingle? Well, the good news is that as a nurse you have a lot of positive attributes that you can bring to any relationship (aside from your beautiful face an undeniable fashion sense). Here are a few of the great qualities that you bring to the table of any … Read more

5 Principles All Great Nurses Follow

Nursing is one of those professions that requires a certain something from the people who join it. It’s not enough to have the knowledge or be able to perform certain procedures. Of course, these are all necessary parts of becoming a good nurse, but what about becoming a great nurse? What does that entail? Below … Read more

5 Things That Make a Good Nurse Great

If you are a nurse and you are looking for ways to become even better at your job, look no further. Becoming a great nurse takes time, dedication, and practice, but the basic steps are simple enough. Here, we have gathered a list of 5 principles that will turn you into a great nurse in … Read more

The Importance of Strength Training

When it comes to working out, most people opt for a jog on the treadmill or a few minutes on the bike. Cardio workouts like these are easy to do, and if you don’t have any equipment, it’s free to go for a run or a walk. However, because so many people opt for cardiovascular … Read more

4 Qualities of Caregiver Excellence

Providing care to those in need, whether it’s a family member or a patient in a hospital, is a difficult job, especially for those that aren’t officially trained in that capacity. However, even those caregivers that aren’t necessarily certified and licensed can offer excellent service to family members in need. As long as they embody … Read more

4 Tips to Help Nurses Eat Well During the Night Shift

Night shift nurses know that eating healthy is a challenge. Night shifts mess with your sleep schedule, which throws everything else off. It’s difficult to maintain a workout routine and keep up with regularly scheduled meals. However, these things are important for staying healthy and keeping up the stamina that the job requires. If you … Read more