5 Questions: A Quick Interview with Katie Duke of NY Med Ever wondered how it’s like to work in New York, or to have cameras following you around on the floor? Who better to answer this question than Katie Duke, ER nurse and one of the stars of the TV show NY Med. With her sharp wit and trademark “deal with it” attitude, she’s definitely a nurse you’d want in your unit.


We asked Katie these 5 questions and here are her answers:

  1. What is the best thing and worst thing about working as a nurse in New York City?
    Best thing: The New Yorkers who are ethnically diverse, worldly traveled, intriguing, inspirational, and just hilarious. Secondly, the camaraderie between first responders, FDNY, and NYPD. It's a family bond that's unbreakable.
    Worst thing: Having to walk through 3 feet of snow, or a torrential downpour to get on one bus that will take you to your first train, then transfer to your second, and then walk another 2 avenues and 3 blocks to get to work. 
  2. What is the biggest challenge with working while being filmed?
    Honestly, I didn't find it challenging because I was always true to my profession and true to myself. It comes natural and organic.
  3. We've seen what went down last season on NY Med. Do you have any advice for nurses who are looking for jobs, especially those who have committed a similar mistake?
    Everyone makes mistakes. We must deal with them and learn from them. It's part of life. How you handle your worst moment can contribute to how you handle your best.
    Job hunting is always a prevalent issue within nursing and my foremost advice is to make yourself known to clinical managers, use your resources and connections, and lastly to not wait for the HR to call you. Instead, call them. Make sure they know you.
  4. How did you come up with the "Deal with It" motto?
    My mom has told me that since I was young. It's a way of life.
  5. Not all of us have the chance to get on TV. How can nurses help change the public's perception of them, in their own little way?
    Nurses can utilize social media
    in a positive way and promote our profession as a resource of knowledge and care to the public, and as a source of information and collaborative partner to the industry.
    You don't have to be on TV to help make a positive change. Form a committee, reach out to the public through volunteer work and outreach, and encourage your department and colleagues to be positively active on social media. It's the number one way that people obtain information.
    Be knowledgeable, be aware of the rules, and be proactive.


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