Barbara Phillips

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About Barbara

As an experienced clinician and practice owner, Barbara C Phillips, MN, GNP-BC, FNP-BC, not only understands the inner workings of being a Nurse Practitioner, but also brings an immense pool of knowledge about entrepreneurship. Barbara works specifically with NPs researching, starting, and growing their own businesses.

After opening her own successful practice, Barbara discovered many other NPs searching for entrepreneurial guidance. Her expertise, and those of the experts she has surrounded herself with, ranges from choosing a business that works with the entrepreneur's skills and passion to setting up an office and marketing to the masses.

Since 2006, Barbara has been writing (published online and in print media) and teaching (via webinar and teleseminars) and since 2009 has been speaking at state and national Nurse Practitioner audiences on topics pertinent to entrepreneurs. In addition to NPBO, the premiere private online community for clinicians, Barbara is available for private and group consultation and coaching.

Barbara is the 2012 AANP - WA State NP Advocate of the Year.

Further information about Ms. Phillips can be found at any of the following websites, where you'll also find and contact us; forms. www.NPBusiness.ORG