Career Options for Unemployed Nurses in the Philippines

By Patrick Simon S. Soria on Mon, Feb 11, 2013

nursing careerEach year, nursing schools produce thousands of nurses in the Philippines. Recent reports put the number of new nursing graduates at 40,000. However, nursing unemployment are rising because of the surplus in supply. Hospitals are full and nurses don’t know where to go, so what are the career options for unemployed nurses in the Philippines?


Here are some tips for those of you looking for work:

Join training programs in major hospitals

Many hospitals run training programs for nurses in a variety of specialties such as Ward Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Dialysis Nursing and Operating Room Nursing. These programs are designed to enhance the skills of professional nurses. They are structured according to accepted standards of nursing and are organized by seasoned and highly experienced nurses in the clinical setting. Choose only hospitals that are known for their excellence and are considered training hospitals, so that you won’t waste your time, effort and money.


Volunteer for medical and surgical missions

International and local charitable organizations conduct medical and surgical missions in various parts of the country all year round. These missions are great venues for nursing skill development and enhancement, since most of the missions offer technical and educational sharing to empower the local counterparts that they visit. Nurses who join missions are carefully selected and screened to assure that they are clinically competent in their field, so neophyte nurses will surely learn from them.


Apply to as many hospitals as possible

Competition in the market is tough. Submit your nursing resume, application letter, along with all of your credentials, to every the hospital in your area. Many applications are lined up for interviews as soon as there are nursing careeer vacancies. Be sure to leave a positive impression when you submit your applications to the Director of Nursing or Human Resources. Dress appropriately. Start acting like a professional now.


Attend continuing education courses and seminars

Build your nursing career and resume actively. Nursing organizations and other entities are conducting nursing continuing education, training courses and seminars, and new trends and advances in technology and in science are continuously being discovered. Equip yourself with the basic nursing skills necessary, such as IV Therapy, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training. These courses are highly essential for nurses to learn so that they can respond to specific emergency situations inside or outside of the hospital. Nurses need to continue to learn -- learning does not stop when you graduate from nursing school. We must update our skills with new techniques and apply evidence-based concepts in our work. Prospective employers are impressed with nursing applicants who desire continuing education. You may also want to enrol in graduate school and earn your Master’s Degree in Nursing.


Search for jobs abroad through the internet

Using the internet to search for a nursing job is becoming increasingly popular and opens up the door to many more opportunities in the Middle East, Canada, Australia, Europe, other areas of Asia, and the UK. It should nursing careerbe noted, however, that the demand from countries such as the UK and U.S. has dropped; quotas for visas in the U.S. are filled for the time being and the UK is now looking more towards home-grown healthcare professionals. In addition, foreign employers do prefer nurses with a four-year nursing degree rather than a two-year degree, so it is important to consider advancing your education.


The hunt for a good paying nursing job can be difficult, but everyone has a chance if you follow these suggestions and remain proactive in your search. Some nurses in the Philippines opt to work abroad due to shortage of nursing opportunities, but as long as you are patient, you may land a job that is right for you.


Stay positive, nurses, we are built to survive!


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Anonymous 3 years ago

there has to be some sort of a program for new grads and unemployed nurses. many hospitals are taking advantage of them by taking them in as volunteer nurses. some don't even provide even a free meal while these VNs are burdened with the same responsibilities of regular staffs. they put their health and reputation on line everytime without any form of compensation. hope someone can step in and stand up for their fellow nurses.

Anonymous 3 years ago

thank you so much.This is very informative..