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Can Obtaining an Online RN-BSN Degree Transform Healthcare?
Is getting that RN-BSN degree online worth it? Yes--and it's not just for you. Here's why earning this nursing degree is good for the field. read more
Play Your Part in the Future of the Nursing Profession
While the nursing profession has progressed a lot in the past few years, much more still needs to be done. What can you do in the future? read more
Networking for New Nurse Grads: Striking a Successful Balance
Networking is important for new nursing graduates to jumpstart their careers. But how do they start building contacts? Follow these tips. read more
Integrating the New Nursing Graduate
Nurses are often said to eat their young. But this shouldn't be the status quo. Try these tips to integrate a new nursing graduate instead. read more
A Day in the Life of an RN Case Manager
There's more to nursing care than helping a patient recover. Be a case manager and take care of someone even up to discharge and beyond. read more
An Advanced Degree Equals a Wealthier Nurse
Of course, getting an advanced nursing degree will not only broaden your horizons. It will also do wonders for your paycheck. Here's why. read more
How Does Your Nursing Degree Affect Patient Mortality Rates?
Can your nursing degree actually play a part in mortality rates? See what the experts are saying! read more
How Can New Nursing Grads Compete in the Job Market?
Afraid that you won't find a job when you graduate? Don't panic. Here are some tips for new nursing grads to find the position they want. read more
6 Tips for Nursing Students to Pass Exams
Knowledge is not enough for nursing students to pass exams. Whether you're preparing for a quiz or the NCLEX, these strategies can help. read more
5 Survival Tips for Nurses During 'Newbie Doc' Season
Medical students also get the jitters during clinicals. Try these tips for nurses to make it easy for both of you during their training. read more

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